Sisteme de supraveghere video

Va oferim urmatoarele tipuri de sisteme de supraveghere:

  1. Sisteme de supraveghere video CCTV – se pot monta camere clasice inclusiv 960H,  camerele au rezolutii cuprinse intre 600 – 1200 LTV
  2. Sisteme de supraveghere video TVI – se pot monta pe ele camere clasice CCTV si camere TVI sau Turbo HD cu rezolutii 720p – 1080p
  3. Sisteme de supraveghere IP – functioneaza cu camere IP de 1,3 – 5 Mpx cu rezolutii HD si Full HD
  4. Sistemde de supraveghere hibrid, functioneaza cu toate tipurile de camere.

Camere de supraveghere IP - live-

Camere IP de exterior E-sol 1,3 Mpx cu DSP DaVinci

Camere IP de exterior HI VISION 2,0 Mpx

Camere IP de exterior HIKVISION 3 Mpx

Unreal Media Server Media Source Extensions (MSE) player

This player plays live near real time audio/video on any OS and mobile device, except iOS, in all major browsers. This is original H264 video encoded by IP camera; server doesn't do any transcoding.

Use slider to seek in the local buffer which contains 1 last minute of live video.